Crackling mustard seeds, fried in the aromatically luscious 'desi ghee' that would soon be an elixir for the food you love to devour in, is nothing but the conjuring effects on your taste buds casted by the magical ladle –the magic wand of your mother. Home is indeed sweet home, if the sweetness is the charm of her dexterous cooking skills.

But this umbilical cord, that never get detached albeit your progressing age is the love and pleasure of feasting on your home made food. But life takes you places, rewards back what you aspire for; and most of the time the dreams are fulfilled when you compromise on your comfort level. Now, in such a dilemma what can pacify your homesick mind is a platter full of 'home-made-food'. You read it right as we do it the right way- 'v cook 4 u'.
Quality Standards
Food safety is embedded in our culture and we carefully monitor every critical control point which enhances your business and protects your reputation.
We take utmost care to ensure freshness, presentations and temperature of food that is served everday.
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